Friday, March 14, 2008

Installing openSUSE 10.3 in Virtual PC 2007 - Part 3 of 4

Step 16 - Still Waiting
Picking up where we left off, after three hours of waiting, a screen that says "Finishing Basic Installation" is a good sign we're winding down. Typically the system will reboot once this screen is finished. Install 13
Step 17 - Boot from Hard Disk
Assuming you have not ejected (or released) the install DVD, the VM will boot again from the CD. This time around, choose "Boot from Hard Disk". Install 14
Step 18 - More Waiting
For some reason, my first reboot was heavily delayed due to the system checking the disk drives. I've heard of and even seen various Linux installs take issue with Virtual PC's dynamically resizing virtual hard disks. This was a one time delay, so I figure it best to practice a bit more patience. Install 15
Step 19 - Set Root Password
If you're a Linux/Unix newbie, "root" is the superuser account that is used to perform certain administrative tasks but should NEVER be used as your regular login account (sort of like "Administrator" in Windows). If you're a Linux/Unix snob, don't bust my chops for making the comparison. The root password should generally be something pretty tough to crack. Personally, I keep my virtual machines on a virtual network that is firewalled from my normal network and don't particularly care about password complexity. Typically I use my "FOOBAR\Administrator" (Domain Administrator) account password as my "root" password. One less thing to have to keep track of. Install 16
Step 20 - Configure Hostname
Your hostname is how the machine identifies itself and (maybe) the way it will be identified on the network. I named mine "fb-suse" and gave it my "foobar.local" domain suffix. At this point, this machine is not a part of my Windows Active Directory and is not entered in my DNS, so the hostname will not resolve. Active Directory integration is a whole other tutorial... coming soon. Install 17
Step 21 - Configure Network
There's generally no need to change any settings at this point. Just accept things as they are and move along. Install 18
Step 22 - Check for Internet
It wants to check for internet connectivity. Let it go ahead, this will help when it comes time for updates. Install 19
Step 23 - Wait
Oh yeah, did I mention you were going to have to wait? It downloads some XML stuff while "checking for connectivity" that could take a couple of minutes. Hopefully, you'll get the "Success" message. If not, you may have to skip the update steps that follow. Install 20
Step 24 - Registration
Novell tries to collect information from you here. I chose to provide no voluntary information. I don't know if there's any reason to give them more info. Maybe if you're lonely and take comfort in the quantity of spam you receive. Install 21
Step 25 - Registration Success
Congratulations, you are registered. Whatever that means. Just 13 more steps and a little bit more waiting ahead in part 4. Install 22

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